Marketing Writing

Based on the needs of a particular project, we offer a range of expert writing services.

  • Original writing: we compose new documents or substantially rework existing documents based on the integration of written and verbal inputs
  • Rewriting: we significantly upgrade existing texts to strengthen their messaging, language and/or structure
  • Editing: we revise existing texts to ensure consistency in style and tone, as well as to correct grammar and spelling
  • Proofreading: we proof previously approved texts to ensure correct grammar and spelling prior to final production
  • ‚ÄúTranslation plus”: we transform Hebrew-language documents into persuasive English-language marketing texts from the get-go
  • Netafim
  • TAHAL Group
  • SafeCharge
  • NICE Systems
  • Orbotech
  • Surecomp
  • Comverse
  • NetApp
  • Datos
  • mPrest
  • Teva
  • Retalix
  • Ness Technologies
  • Solebit
  • Golan Heights  Winery
  • DSP Group
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