Remembering Beth

Remembering Beth

Beth (Weintraub) Schoenfeld co-founded Frontier Marketing Communications in 1997. In Frontier’s early years, when the company offered both marcom content and design services, Beth served as Frontier’s creative director and in-house graphic designer. At Frontier, she produced works of clean and elegant design for a wide range of projects and clients. After Frontier decided to focus solely on marcom content, Beth continued to provide complementary design work on selected projects and skilled back-office support.

Before co-founding Frontier, Beth was a designer for an English-language book publisher in Ra’anana. Previously, she worked with young children during a year-long stay at Kibbutz Ketura, and in desktop publishing at an educational organization in Jerusalem. Prior to moving to Israel, Beth served as a production assistant in the electronic publishing department of a large publishing house in San Diego.

Raised in Tucson, Arizona, Beth first visited Israel at age 16 on a Young Judaea summer trip, and then spent a year in Israel on YJ’s Year Course post-high school program. After her return to the US, Beth earned a degree in English and Art at the University of Arizona. Upon moving to Israel as a young adult, she participated in the WUJS program in Arad.

Throughout her adult life in Israel, Beth was very involved in community and charity work. Particularly active in her children’s kindergarten and elementary school in Ra’anana, Beth designed the school logo, developed and designed a community cookbook, and served on multiple class and parent committees. She also volunteered at a retirement residence in Herzliya.

Beth loved raising and nurturing her four children. In her free time, she enjoyed cooking, reading, music and art. Diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer in early 2009, Beth passed away in January 2010 at the age of 47. A loving mother and wife, a dedicated daughter and sister, a great friend and co-worker, and a proud Jew and Israeli, Beth deeply touched the lives of, and was an inspiration to, those who knew and loved her.

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